Chungnam Art Center International Invited Design Competition
Call for Entries
Mar. 18, 2024 (Mon) ~
17:00 on Mar. 25, 2024 (Mon)

A new art center will be built in Chungcheongnam-do.

Chungnam Art Center will create a top level of performance environment to expand the experience of performing arts and the function of sharing performance culture. It will be a performance hall to build a new cultural and performance ecosystem in Chungnam.

Chungnam Art Center will provide not only performances that are easyly accessible to local residents, but also high-quality performances that attract visitors from all over the country. The park, surrounding facilities, and public programs linked to the region will open a new future for Chungnam as a new art powerhouse.

Chungnam Art Center is a community hub space to discover the value of art and solve regional problems. The new future of performing arts of Chungnam as we learn and create together will become a place of performing life for the creative community.

International Invited Design Competition for Comstruction of Chungnam Art Center
Chungcheongnam-do (Architectural and Urban Department)
Method of Competition
International Invited Design Competition 1. Selecting and inviting 5 people (companies) through Open Invitation of RFQ  2. Presentation and evaluation of design proposals
Scope of Competition
Location | Cultural Facility District in Naepo New Town (Address: 887, Singyeong-ri, Hongbuk-eup, Hongseong-gun, Chungnam, and 765, Mok-ri, Sapgyo-eub, Yesan-gun, Chungnam) 
Area | 29,746㎡
Estimates design cost | 4,573 million won (inclding VAT) 
Estimated construction cost | 72,959 million won (inclding VAT)
  • Role as a public performance facility
  • Promoting linkage as an anchor facility through organic connection within the facility district
  • Place of community
  • Chungnam Art Center featuring various types of performance
  • First place winning work (1) | Right to design service
  • Next winning works (4) | Reward of 100 million won each
Open Invitation of RFQ
Qualifications for Participation
  1. Experts in domestic and foreign architecture-related fields can participate in the design competition individually or jointly.
  2. As of the date of announcement, the representative must possess a certification of architect under Article 7 of the Certified Architect Act, have registered (notified) the opening of an architect office, without having any reason for disqualification under other relevant laws.
  3. Up to 3 people (companies), including the representative, can make a joint application. Changes to joint applicants are not possible after submission of the invitation request. (In case of joint application, companies with more than 100 engineers registered with the Korean Institute of Architects or the Korea Institute of Construction Engineers as of the date of announcement are prohibited from making a joint application.)
  4. It is not possible to change the composition of joint applicants after submitting the commitment to participation during Open Invitation of RFQ.
  5. Individuals or corporations participating in the competition cannot participate in duplicate.
Receipt of questions
Feb. 27, 2024 (Tue) ~ 17:00 on Mar. 06, 2024 (Wed)
How to submit
Answers to questions
Mar. 15, 2024 (Fri) | To be announced on website
Submission of RFQ
Submission date
Mar. 18, 2024 (Mon) ~ 17:00 on Mar. 25, 2024 (Mon)
How to Submit
Invitation Request / Attached Documents (Submit in 1 pdf file each.)
Announcement of nominees
Mar. 29, 2024 (Fri) On website / Individual notification to nominees
Criteria for Selecting Nominees
Adequacy of composition and implementation system of joint applicants as well as performance of similar projects (culture and assembly facilities) including performance halls
Invited Design Competition
Qualifications for Participation
To conduct a design competition by selecting and inviting 5 people (companies) through Open Invitation of RFQ.
Apr. 02, 2024 (Tue) | To be announced on the website
Apr. 02, 2024 (Tue) ~ 12:00 on Apr. 08, 2024 (Mon) | To be received by email, along with application for recusation of jurors, if applicable
Receipt of design proposals
By 17:00 on Jun. 17, 2024 (Mon) | To be received by email or on site
  • On-site receipt | By 13:00~17:00 on Jun. 17. (Mon)
  • On-site recipient | Chungnam Library Multipurpose Room
  • Address | Chungnam Library Annex (Multipurpose Room), 577 Docheong-daero, Hongbuk-eup, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Technical review
Jun. 19, 2024 (Wed)
Design evaluation
Jun. 20, 2024 (Thu)
Announcement of evaluation results
Jun. 21, 2024 (Fri) | To be announced on the website
On-site Briefing
From 13:00 on Apr. 08, 2024 (Mon)
Venue shall be noticed via website later on.
  • Announcement will be made on the website, if there are any changes in the future (
  • On-site briefing session can be replaced by providing related materials.
Receipt of questions
Apr. 08, 2024 (Mon) ~ 17:00 on Apr. 12, 2024 (Fri)
How to submit
Answers to questions
Apr. 23, 2024 (Tue) | To be announced on the website
Architecture and Urban Department, Chungcheongnam-do
Management support
Kerb Associates(Phone number | 070-7723-3265)
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